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Hi. I'm Janet Roller: wife of one, mother of two, lover of coffee and writer of songs. I have just finished my first fiction novel and I'm looking forward to watching how God uses the simple story to minister to others. God is a big deal to me. My goal each day is to wake up and declare, "This day is Yours, Lord. Show me what to do with it."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Extreme Spiritual Make-Over

Just a shout of praise for a wonderful "Extreme Spiritual Make-Over" women's conference at Cliffside Baptist in Cliffside, NC. From the very start of the day, a feeling of expectation filled the room. God had a message for each one of the more-than-200 women in attendance. The Holy Spirit's leading was apparent.

Thank you to all of the ladies (and Pastor Joey) at Cliffside Baptist for an EXCELLENT job planning and serving. You were the instruments God used to meet needs in the hearts of His people. Thank you for your obedience.

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Carol said...

What an awesome weekend. Your songs are still playing in my mind.