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Hi. I'm Janet Roller: wife of one, mother of two, lover of coffee and writer of songs. I have just finished my first fiction novel and I'm looking forward to watching how God uses the simple story to minister to others. God is a big deal to me. My goal each day is to wake up and declare, "This day is Yours, Lord. Show me what to do with it."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss Fancy

Today, my baby girl finished Kindergarten. Among her awards for reading, handwriting and math, one award was a stand out. Darby received the "Fancy Nancy Award". I'm sure there had never been another given...at least at our school.
Last month our school had "Book Character Day" as part of the Book Fair activities. Darby dressed as "Fancy Nancy" (by Jane O'Conner) and placed 2nd in the costume contest.
She is definitely fancy. She is definitely darling. She is definitely always going to be my girl.


Carol said...

Too cute! She is adorable! Gets it from her mother, I'm sure!

cantcookalick said...

What a DARLIN'!!! :)
I was going to tell you that my girl got the Smelly Ella award...but, that didn't seem fitting. Or does it?

Jellybeans Children's Boutique said...

I was googling Fancy Nancy for party ideas for my shop and came across your blog. Your little girl is sooo cute and what a memorable award to win!! I think that you might enjoy visiting our website and reading our blog.

Miles & Barnes said...

Janet-I just found your blog and love it. It is a little bit of everything. I hope things are going well. Darby is ridiculously cute! You look good too! I hope we get some time to chat when you visit Saturday!