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Hi. I'm Janet Roller: wife of one, mother of two, lover of coffee and writer of songs. I have just finished my first fiction novel and I'm looking forward to watching how God uses the simple story to minister to others. God is a big deal to me. My goal each day is to wake up and declare, "This day is Yours, Lord. Show me what to do with it."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

Little Darby (my 5 year-old) told me recently that she knew what she wanted to be when she "grew up". She "either wanted to be a mommy or a rockstar like Hannah Montana". Who says you can't be both? Lysa TerKeurst has a hilarious post today about taking her girls to the new H.M. movie. The whole premise of the Hannah Montana show is she "has the best of both worlds".

If you take a quick look at the little girls who have seen Hannah Montana- they don't just like her - they want to be like her. Clothes, songs,moves - hair.
Wow - wouldn't it be awesome if our lives were so magnetic that others would want to be like Christ they see in us?

Living a double life might work out great for Miley Cyrus on her Disney Channel hit show, but unfortunatly, alot of Christians try to do the same thing.

"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Matthew 6:24 (NIV)

How many 'Sunday morning seat fillers' spend the rest of the week watching shows that are questionable on TV? Going places we shouldn't? Saying things we know do not build up the body? We justify all of these things because "we're adults and we can handle it". But everything we take in - adds a layer to our heart. Intead of a holy protection guarding our hearts, we end up with a just holes.
So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16 (NIV)

Who likes lukewarm? Coffee-drinkers? Bath-takers? No? God doesn't either! Our "God fire" is diluted each time we act outside of His will. What is His Best?

My prayer today is that I recognize what areas of my life are cooling off my cup. . . and get them out of it! I don't want to be divided in any area - no double life! Who I am is based on Whose I am...and nothing more..

After all, praising God on this planet is just practice for around the throne - and that really will be "The Best of Both Worlds".


Amy Wyatt said...

Great post! Since we are all learning so much from Hannah Montana today you know I am going to have to bust out the devotion I wrote on the Billy Ray not talking to Jackson episode and post on it.

Celly B said...

What a great post! My daughter is only four, so we're not quite to the Hannah Montana stage--yet. Thanks for the reminder that we should be drawing others to Christ by being Christlike.

I am so glad I found your blog through Amy Wyatt's blog. I thought that I recognized your name from the She Speaks contest entries, but I didn't make the connection. I am from your hometown, and Matt was a year behind me in high school, I think (I graduated in '89). Nice to see you again via blogworld!

Carol said...

This was a good one. I love the thought "who likes lukewarm?" Good stuff, today.

DeAnna said...

Hey, Janet. I feel as if I already know you from talking with our mutual friend, Amy. She has told me so much about your songwriting and how your ministry is blossoming. I stumbled across your blog today and thought that the post was GREAT. Convicting to say the least! Keep shining and being "hot" for Him.


Cheri said...

I am really struggling with this right now. Trying to rid my life of wordly things. It is so hard sometimes....to die to self!
But, like the saying goes, You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
Anyway, it's hard work but it's worth it. You just gotta keep on praying for help.