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Hi. I'm Janet Roller: wife of one, mother of two, lover of coffee and writer of songs. I have just finished my first fiction novel and I'm looking forward to watching how God uses the simple story to minister to others. God is a big deal to me. My goal each day is to wake up and declare, "This day is Yours, Lord. Show me what to do with it."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

"Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down." You could probably sing along with this Carpenter's hit and nod in agreement. Noone likes rainy days! Or Mondays! But I will say...yesterday we were hoping that those dark grey clouds looming above our drought-parched houses would drop buckets of relief. Thunder roared. Lightning pierced. No rain fell.

A quick peek at the nightly weather report informed us that there were storms all around us. It seemed that everyone was getting that lovely wet stuff but us! Put off and a little dissappointed that our grass would die another day, we went to bed.

"I guess the grass will always be greener on the other side...if they're the ones getting the rain."

The morning news report shared a new story. Those same storms we were hoping for had caused tremendous damage in surrounding areas. Fallen trees and power outages were tops of the headlines today. Sometimes the rain brings more.

"Whew. I'm glad that storm missed us!"

Isn't it funny how our perception changes when time has passed? We were praying for the event, grumbling at it's loss and rejoicing that it wasn't us...all within 12 hours! When will we figure out that God has this thing figured out???

God's hand protected us from the high winds and falling trees...but we still wanted rain. I can look at my spiritual life and see the same pattern. It seems that everyone around me is getting "rain" except me and I am desperate for a taste of it. I want to be close to Him. To know Him like no other. I want to "praise Him in the storm" - when and if He chooses to work there.


Carol said...

That's some good stuff. Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing raindrops.

Amy Wyatt said...

Good post! I left something for you at my site.